Monday, August 25, 2014

God Still Matters - Week 30

Dear family,

This might be a shorter email. I can't think of much to write.

I went on exchanges with Sister Johnson last Wednesday. It was really
fun. It's interesting because I'm only a transfer younger than she was
when she got me. We had dinner with a member, taught Pulla, and then
we ran and got frozen yogurt before heading home. When we were
companions I was still new and she's definitely seen me at my very
worst, more than any of my other companions. But now I'm an older
missionary and I'm definitely a lot better than I was so it was cool
to see the change.

Meredith came to church and we had a couple lessons with her and she
is still solid. We are having another lesson with her tonight. Pulla
didn't come to church again so that's lame. Alba is still doing great
and is having some contractions. She's due September 17th which is
exciting. Hopefully we'll be able to meet with her Wednesday if she
doesn't have her baby yet.

The Visitors Center is fun. There were a ton of people on chat. It's
interesting because we are always told not to believe everything we
see on the internet but people see all this anti stuff about Joseph
Smith and automatically believe that it's true. It's really not about
Joseph Smith though, it's about Jesus Christ and His church. Back in
the Bible, the majority of the people rejected and hated the prophets
and wouldn't follow God so why would it be any different today. Joseph
Smith was called as a prophet to restore God's church so of course
he's gonna have enemies. It's not enough that they killed him, they're
still trying to discredit him over a hundred years later. Why do these
people care about Joseph Smith and this church? Why do so many people
protest and write books against a church that teaches its people to
love God and love others and that families are the most important
thing? Because this is the truth and the truth will always be opposed.
A lot of these people are so illogical and don't use their brains. It
almost hurts me to talk to them because they're so lame. I'm so glad
you're spending your Friday night trying to argue with a sister
missionary and tell her that her church isn't true. Get a life. Or a
Book of Mormon and read it. That's really the only way to know. That's
what we tell everyone. If you really want to know, just read the book
and pray about it. How is that hard? It's so simple but people won't
do it. People say that religious people or even Mormons are
close-minded but more often than not it's the other way around. I have
no problem visiting and learning about other churches and beliefs and
reading their religious text but as soon as we ask someone to try ours
they act like we're the plague and we must be false because this
internet website says so instead of turning to the source of all
knowledge which is God.

Anyway, the Visitors Center is great. Just usual business, nothing
major happening.

1 Nephi 19:7,9 The things of God which are most important are seen as
things that don't even matter any more. God still matters. His
commandments and laws still matter. God still loves us. Christ's
atonement is still in effect. Yet everyone today seems to think it
doesn't matter anymore. What is happening to the world? Exactly what
the prophets testified would happen in the scriptures. Although the
world's morals may decline and change, God's will not. I'd rather
stick with His ways than the worlds because God's way is the only way
to truly be happy no matter what anyone may say. I can think of only a
few times I've been as happy in my life as I am here doing God's work.
I'm constantly tired and it isn't the most fun thing ever, but I'm so

I love you all.

Sister Black

District meeting board. I drew the Capitol building.
Taking a secret nap at the Visitors Center. Can you see me?

I found a Japanese name tag.

And then a bunch of pictures from DC last week. The security guy is
DQQKY. He's currently investigating the church. He said he missed
church last Sunday and then God sent him His gang the next day.

 Then inside the Capitol and trying to be cute with Book of Mormons.

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