Monday, August 18, 2014

Danica - Week 29


Today Sister Lewis and I went into DC with four other sisters. We
called Senator Lee's office and scheduled a tour of the Capitol so we
got a personalized tour of the US Capitol building by one of his
interns. It was so cool, I loved it. There's so much history there.
There are still spots on one of the stair cases from when a reporter
shot a congressman and he bled all over the marble stairs. There's
also still bullet holes in some of the older pillars from previous
attacks and just random stuff like that that make it so much cooler.
We got to stand on the balcony where presidents are impeached and in
the different rooms where important acts were passed. There was one
room that was small and had a stained glass window with George
Washington and the words, "in God we trust" and a scripture in psalms.
There were two benches with a Bible on each one. Apparently that room
is where congressmen go to pray a lot. It's ironic how people are
trying to get rid of God and in lots of schools they can't recite the
Declaration of Independence because it says "God" but in the nation's
Capitol they still rely on God. Tons of cool stuff. It's so ornate and
beautiful there. So that was super fun.

Alba is doing well. We have had some great lessons with her and she's
awesome. Meredith came to church yesterday and she was so cute and
happy. She told people that she's getting baptized in 4 weeks! Pulla
didn't come to church again because he's been feeling sick and he's
struggling so his baptism is going to be pushed back. I was feeling
pretty down the other night because I've had so many people on baptism
date but none of them have been baptized and I felt like I wasn't
making a difference. It's not about the numbers but it's hard when it
seems like all my work is amounting to nothing. Hopefully Pulla and
Meredith will actually make it to baptism.

We are now at the Visitors Center six days a week on four hour shifts.
It's been going well. A guy from Afghanistan came in yesterday and
Sister Lewis and I spent an hour teaching him about the temple and
then the restoration. He had a lot of questions. After we showed him a
two three minute clips from Elder Bednar and Elder Holland from last
General Conference he was very quiet and then Sister Lewis and I each
bore our testimonies. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he gave us his
contact info so we can send missionaries to him. He lives in DC now
not Afghanistan. He ended up staying for two more hours and by the end
he seemed totally comfortable there. He was feeling the Holy Ghost
even if he didn't realize it. There are a lot of cool teaching
experiences and miracles that happen at the Visitors Center.

Sister missionaries were transferred completely out of a ward and the
members were really sad. The sisters were super close to a recent
convert older couple so they decided to play a joke on the new elders.
One was an AP and his companion is brand new. The recent convert
family invited the elders over for dinner and made them eat spaghetti
and salad with their hands and acted like it was completely normal.
They filmed it and gave it to the sisters so now the video of these
two elders awkwardly eating with their hands has circulated around the
sisters. It's super funny.

I have a new nickname. Danica. We park across the street from our
apartment at an apartment complex where all the temple missionaries
live. One of the temple missionaries secretly watches us as we pull in
at night. Apparently I pull in very quickly so he gave me the nickname
Danica after the race car driver Danica Patrick. I have no clue who
this missionary is but he was telling one of the Visitors Center
senior missionaries about it and said it was a sister with black curly
hair. Now I feel weird parking at night knowing that he's watching me
from somewhere.

Olivia Newhouse came into the vc on Friday. We were on the lacrosse
team together in high school (she was one of the few girls I still
liked by the end of the season) and she's serving in the Baltimore
mission. So that was way cool to see her, I was so happy.

An Elder from the Ranches ward came into the Visitors Center on Friday
as well. His name is Elder Turpin and he's in the Baltimore mission.
He goes home tomorrow so he must've left on his mission a couple weeks
before we moved there. Cool stuff.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Hannah) Rebecca!!!!!!!! :D I hope you enjoy your present.

Read John 7:17. We met a police officer at the Capitol today who has
been going to church for a while now but isn't baptized yet. He said
he didn't go to church yesterday so God sent him a gang (there were
six of us missionaries). He was super cool and Sister Lewis gave him
this scripture to read and pray about. Sometimes we need to act in
faith and do God's will before He will reveal more of His doctrine to
us or before we will understand completely. We will always be blessed
and receive further knowledge for doing God's will.

Love you all!

Sister Black

First two: dancing around in the rain last Tuesday during a crazy rain storm.


Some of the Visitors Center sisters saying goodbye to Sister Galbraith
in the middle.

Golf cart ride with our favorite temple security guard, M.D. Todd.
He's the best.

Drawing I worked on during meal times this week of Sister Lewis and I
at the Nats game.

Sister (Olivia) Newhouse and I.

Me in front of the Capitol. Plenty more pictures of today to come in the future.


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