Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm Gonna Be A Mommy - Week 45


This was my last week in the Chinese branch for three months. Crazy. I
don't know where I'm going but I know that I'm training a new sister
so that will be fun. I'm gonna be a mommy! I'm nervous because I will
be training in a new area and this means that I really need to step it
up and be a good example for my trainee.

Festival started last week! Tuesday was ambassador night and Wednesday
was diplomat night. On Tuesday I got to be in a room with 85
nativities from different countries and I greeted people as they came
in. I got to shake hands with lots of ambassadors from different
countries which was super cool. I was still recovering from my cold
and my voice wasn't completely back so I sounded like a smoker. It was
great though. The next night I ushered and got to stand and watch the
performance and that night it was a bunch of diplomats from different
countries and a few congressmen and the Marriotts and a member of the
Seventy and other people. People from Salt Lake were there taking
videos and pictures to make an official video for the church website.
They took pictures of us and had us sign a waiver. After the
performance for diplomat night was over, me and 7 other sisters went
outside and sang carols. That was the first day I could sing in 5 days
so it was a miracle that I could the night I was scheduled to.

Wednesday was the first official night of Festival and was open to the
public. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we went there at 3:30pm,
got fed dinner, and didn't leave until 10. During festival our
schedule changes so we go to bed at 11:30 and wake up at 7:30 but I'm
still so tired. I'm sad but slightly relieved I'm not on shift tonight
or tomorrow. We have a schedule that each companionship follows and we
talk to tons of people and give them referral cards and it's fun but
tiring. A ton of nonmembers come.

Friday was interesting. Mom's home teacher showed up. He served in
this mission and so did his nephew, Elder Mecham, who was in my
district last transfer and just went home. So that was fun but a bit
weird haha. I was not expecting that. He was nice though.

Saturday was cool. I had taught some cool people and I was on
exchanges with one of my favorite members from Kensington. We were
walking across the floor up front when I saw an Asian man out of the
corner of my eye. Right away I knew that I needed to talk to him so I
whipped around and started talking to him. He noticed my name tag and
we started talking in Chinese. Then Sister Liu came and joined us. We
ended up teaching him about the Book of Mormon and I testified in
Chinese and we gave him a Chinese Book of Mormon. It was so cool. I
seriously got the gift of tongues in that moment.

Lin got baptized in Saturday! Yay! The night before I was texting him
to make sure he was ready. Thank goodness his new roommate is the
elders quorum president and branch mission leader and his other friend
is in the branch presidency so they planned everything since we didn't
have any time. The baptism went great and he was confirmed on Sunday.

Sunday was our last day in the branch. Sister Liu was sad to be
leaving everyone. A few women gave us gifts, chocolate, and money and
we have more meal appointments than meals so that's going to turn into
a problem. I'll be back in three months but I hate to leave right
before Christmas. And I'm sad to leave our investigators.

Last night we didn't have shift at the VC and Lin wanted to go. Sister
Connell, President Cooke's secretary, said she'd take him. Later that
night we were calling and texting her but she wouldn't answer so we
had no way to get Lin there and we decided not to go. 50 minutes into
dinner at a members house, she called and said her phone was off and
she's ready to get Lin. I left the room and called Lin and texted the
address and everything and told them we would meet them there in  30
minutes. Then I went back into the dining room, apologized, and said
we needed to leave. We had told them we needed to leave early
beforehand anyway and then we said never mind and then we ended up
leaving early. It was exactly like last week with me leaving during
dinner to call Lin and Sister Connell to get him a ride and being all
stressed out. He's trying to kill me.

The performance at the VC was super good. It was a glee club with kids
age 7-20. I was very impressed and I loved it. Lin did too.

Today we had our zone activity. We played glow in the dark dodgeball.
Both times I played I ended up being the last one in one on one with
an elder. Awkward. I lost both times haha. I would just dodge and
throw a ball or two but they would mostly ignore me since I'm not a
huge threat until I'm last. I wish I could throw like the elders do.

That was my week! Now for transfers, a new area, a new companion,
training, and festival! I'm sad Sister Liu is leaving but I'm ready
for a new challenge and to be English for a little bit. I'll keep
studying Chinese.

Love you all! We get to skype in a couple of weeks! We got through
this long stretch. Go us. Also, some elders in the mission filmed
themselves singing in the car and now it has 50,000 ish views on
Facebook. Apparently people like it when missionaries show emotion and
actually act goofy. We do, just not around other people.

3 Nephi 15:9

Look out for more pictures.


Don't you just love this awkward camera angle? I look like a giant. Whatever.
End of the first night of festival
Glow stick dodge ball!

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