Monday, December 15, 2014

English Is Bestest - Week 46

Dear family,

I'm back in the English program! And I'm training a new sister! Guess
where I'm at???? KENSINGTON. I am back in my favorite ward where cute
Meredith was baptized. I am so happy. I already feel so much better. I
have a new fire in me. I'm back in Kensington training a new sister
and at the VC with other sisters. It's exactly what I had been hoping
for. It's such a blessing to be here and then I'll be ready to go back
to Chinese in March. I'm so grateful to be here. God knows what's best
for me.

Monday night we went to a restaurant with a member and her husband. It
was super good. I started to get really full and I told her that when
she was offering me more food but she told me that the dumpling was
small and gave me more. Many prayers were offered that I might finish
and I managed. The next day we had lunch with members and then dinner
with members three hours later. It was good but once again they kept
on feeding me and I was still full at dinner from lunch so it took
some real effort. After dinner we went with a cute old lady member to
the VC to watch a Festival of Lights performance.

Wednesday was transfers! I stayed up super late the night before
because I procrastinated packing and then woke up early on Wednesday
to finish so that was fun. We packed up our stuff and went to the VC.
I went to a meeting for the new trainers and got my baby. Her name is
Sister Huddleston and she's from Layton, Utah. Next we went and had
training meeting. I was so nervous about where they would put us.
President Cooke got up and called the new zone leaders then they got
up and announced who would be in which area. A different zone went
first and the whole time I was praying I wouldn't be called to any of
the areas. Finally my zone leaders got up and announced the areas and
that we would be in Kensington with two other sisters and I was so
happy and relieved. So the four of us are in a quad. We have two
separate phones but one car. It's my companion and I, Sister Sundwall
who just barely finished being trained by Sister Lewis, and Sister
Taggart who I was companions with my third transfer in Seneca after
Sister Johnson left. Sister Taggart goes home two days after Christmas
so then it will turn into a trio. Very interesting.

We spent forever getting all our stuff and took two trips to our
apartment which is just down the street thank goodness. K house best
house. I found out that two elders will now be living in Sister Liu
and my old apartment so I felt weird about that for a couple days
because I didn't do a great job cleaning and accidentally left a few
things there... Oh well.

That night we were at the VC for Festival. It was good but not super
crazy. Thursday we were there from 9:45am to 10:15pm which was very
tiring. It was kind of slow. Only 1000 people came in. Friday was
good. A lot more people came in. We had the zone leaders volunteering
there and their shift was done at 7 but they still needed to be there
so one of them asked what he should do. I gave him a referral card and
told him to go give it back. I came back on the floor after ushering a
performance an hour later and the two elders were running around and
teaching people like crazy. They were like VC sisters. We were all so
proud. Also, whenever a Chinese person came in someone would run up to
me and be like, "hurry, they're in the back!" Haha it was fun.

Saturday was a good night. We didn't have to be at the VC so we went
and checked on some referrals we have received from Festival. We went
to one woman's house and here you have to call them from outside and
they let you in. We called her and she was super excited when I said
who we were and then when we went inside the building she opened her
door and told us she thought it might be us and had us sit down and
offered us herbal tea since she said she knows we don't drink
caffeine. She had met with missionaries like five years ago and was
super nice. We discussed a variety of topics and had a very
intelligent conversation about God which I haven't had in a while
since I've been Chinese. The spirit was super strong there, it was
kind of weird. We didn't bear crazy testimony or say a prayer at the
beginning but it was there. When we pulled out the Book of Mormon and
read a verse and I explained who Alma was since she asked, the spirit
was like electricity. It was incredible. She wants to meet with us
again so hopefully we will before Christmas. So cool!

After that, we went to the Kensington Ward Christmas party. I was
pleased by how many people remembered me and told me welcome back. I
got to see Meredith there and our miracle investigator Alba whom I
haven't seen since September. She had a baby two days after I left so
I get to see the baby. She is doing so well. We found and started
teaching her and she was super golden. Only problem was that she was
pregnant with her boyfriend's baby who was living with her and she was
still married to the last guy. Now she's divorced and her bf and two
kids are now taking the lessons and love it and they are going to go
to El Salvador to get married next month. So so cool. She's a huge
miracle from my mission and I'm so happy I get to teach her again.

Last night was crazy at the VC. I know that Saturday we had almost
6000 people come in and last night was busier. We had 40 people on
Saturday agree to meet with missionaries and 41 last night. Festival
is full of miracles. Jenny Oaks Baker performed last night. She's a
famous violinist and she's the youngest daughter of Elder Oaks. She
was way good. I got to usher one of her four performances so I got to
watch it.

1 Nephi 11:13-23 (: love you all!

Sister Black

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