Monday, September 8, 2014

Chinese Speaking! - Week 32

Dear family,

So much to talk about! First of all, thank you so much Dad for the
GPS! It's perfect! You're the best (:

Meredith is doing so well. I adore that girl. We had a few more
lessons with her this past week and then on Saturday she had her
baptismal interview with President Cooke which went great. Sunday she was on fire. They announced her upcoming baptism in sacrament meeting and she was just beaming. She met tons of the ward members and personally invited every person that she met to her baptism. In Sunday school they had us divined into groups and talk about different aspects of faith and then one person from each group shared what they learned (I hate it when teachers do that but that's besides the point). Meredith was in my group and she went up to the front when it was our term and boldly testified of he blessings that come from faith. Then she said the closing prayer! So good! After church she went to choir practice and made more friends. That night we had a super great lesson with her at 7:30 and she was crying and feeling the spirit. We're already planning her visit out to Utah to visit me after I get home. Is it ok if she stays with us for a few days, Grandma and Grandpa? Her baptism is this Saturday at 5pm. Sister Lewis and I will be performing the musical number. I'm so excited for her! (: (: (: It's even cooler because both Sister Lewis and I taught her from the beginning so we got to see her grow and we'll both still be here for her baptism! A lot of people who are baptized have multiple companionships teach them before they're baptized. But not her because she's so ready. She just fell it to our laps and we just helped her get on the right path. It's incredible to see how God prepares these people. We'll teach so many people who aren't ready and won't keep commitments but then you find someone like Meredith who is just ready. It's her time. So amazing.

We had to drop Pulla. He hasn't been coming to church since July now. We had a lesson with him and told him if he doesn't come to church this Sunday then we can't teach him anymore. We said it a lot nicer than that. But really we are just here to teach and invite people to come unto Christ. We don't force anyone so if he's not willing then we've got to use our time to find someone else who is. He is going through so many hard things and this gospel would bless him immensely not only spiritually and emotionally but also physically and financially. There is so much help available through the church and through the blessings God sends. He basically told us he doesn't have time because of everything he's going through. He didn't come to church so we dropped him.

I get so sad when people say that they don't have time for God. God
has done so much for us yet most of us aren't willing to give Him a
few hours of our week. So selfish. I'm not excluding myself, I've done it too. I've put other things over God which isn't ok but I'm trying to be better. Good thing this gospel is about change and improving ourselves. His entire work and glory is "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" and most people go around
pretending He's not there to avoid having to keep His commandments
because it's "hard" and He "asks too much of us" and we just want to
do what we want and not be "tied down." It wasn't exactly a picnic for Jesus either. He's offering us everything but we are content with our own small, messed up world and not willing to sacrifice for something better.

Yesterday I went on a tour of the inside of the DC temple because me
and the security guy are tight. He took me and two other sisters
through the whole temple since it's closed on Sunday. It was way cool being the only ones in there and it was dark. We started at the bottom level and worked our way to the top 7th level. It was so beautiful. There's such a quiet reverence in there and the air is thick with the spirit. It's not like your heart is burning the whole time but your sixth sense lets you know that there's something different in the air and that although we were the only 4 people in the entire building, we weren't alone. It was an incredible feeling. We finished by going onto the roof. Let it be known that I have been on the roof of the tallest temple in the world and therefore I've been the closest to God. That's not doctrine but it sounds cool to say.

And now for the grand finale. You guys are gonna die. Get ready to
die. Next transfer I am going to be Chinese speaking!!!! Aaaahhhhh!!!!! So Friday night I has my transferly interview with
President Cooke. We were talking and he mentioned offhand that things change a lot like Salt Lake had just called him last night to tell him we are getting a sister from China. I jokinglyish said that if he needs any sisters in the Chinese branch, me and the Chinese girl will do it. He kind of laughed then stopped and looked at me and was like, "wait, you speak Chinese?" Sure do. So we talked for a little bit longer and he got super excited and went on about what a miracle it is that I know Chinese because he had been wondering who to put this sister with and had wanted her in the Chinese branch. The next day I was at the VC talking to Sister Cook and she started going on about what a miracle it is that I know Chinese and how awe struck they are. She asked when the sister was coming and I had assumed that she would come in January if she had just barely gotten her call. A while later Sister Cooke went up to me and said she just got off the phone with President and that the Chinese sister is coming this transfer. As in September 17th. As in 11 days. WHAT. She smiled and walked away as I started hyperventilating. I paced back and forth in panic. I am going to be opening up a new area and training a new sister in a language I haven't studied in over a year in 11 days. After a while I calmed down as I realized that this is coming from God. This is why I was sent here. God didn't need me in Taiwan and He knew my Chinese was good enough that I could be called upon to teach it without any MTC training or much notice. This is why everything had fallen in place so perfectly in high school for me to take Chinese. This is why I always felt such a strong urge to learn this language and study it for hours on my own at home. What makes it better is that I found out she's a Temple Square sister so it's not going to be hard to train her. I am so incredibly excited. I called the mission office today and ordered some study materials from the MTC and a Chinese name tag. God is too good.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (: Trust in The Lord!! Also, I could really use the
gift of tongues right now. We are always told "ask and ye shall
receive" so I'll be asking for sure! If you all could petition The
Lord on my behalf, I would be extremely grateful. "Great things and
small things, I can do all things, all that The Lord may require!"

Also, you should all keep reading my other blog. I sound full of it
but I think it's good and teaches important principles so please read it and share.


Sister Black

2 Sister Black and Sister White

3 Eating Italian requires a picture apparently

4 I finally finished my VC new sister training! After over six months
of being here... I'm a slacker

5 Some Chinese woman gave the VC sisters TONS of loaves of French
bread and water bottles. So in an emergency we can have the sacrament.

6 Elder Gillespie, a senior elder at the VC. He's an emirates member
of the Seventy and spoke in General Conference in 2000. We found this video of him so we took a picture of him with the clicker (used to click how many people come in each day).

7 Riding a golf cart with our temple security friend Brother M.D. Todd

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