Monday, May 12, 2014

Religious People Are The Happiest - Week 15

Dear family,

It was great to talk to Mom, Hannah, and Emma yesterday! I've really
missed you guys. Emma is sounding older. I'm sad I didn't get to see
Dad or Ashley.. well there's always Christmas.

"Night of Music and Inspiration" last night at the Visitors Center was great. Look for the videos on Facebook. My song was interesting. I sang alto since the other sisters couldn't hit the low notes and it sounded monotone. We should've just cut it out and have me sing the second soprano and the other two the soprano part. Oh well. Hopefully the spirit was still there. I love being able to preform at the Visitors Center. Maybe I wasn't the best singer in high school but I got called to a mission where I get to sing in front of people a lot which I love.

I love the Velasquez family. We have been seeing them a lot. They feed us really good Hispanic food. It's fun to teach them because they're all at different points in their learning but they're all so nice and polite. We are going to teach them tonight and make it more of a family home evening style lesson. I'm excited, they are so sweet.

Dee is having surgery today. We'll go see her tomorrow and see how her recovery is going. Everyone pray for her!

We have a lot of people that we are teaching. It seems like it came
out of no where but we have about 12 people we are actively teaching
plus our less active and active families we visit. Some are
progressing more than others. Candy is still struggling but there's
not much more we can do for her other than love her and continue to
teach her. We can't make people read or pray. She believes in God but she's still mad at Him. Laura read 9 verses in the Book of Mormon by herself which is exciting. We watched the hour long Joseph Smith movie with Paula at her house which she really enjoyed. Tina just got out of the hospital so we're gonna try to see her tomorrow. Our days are becoming a lot shorter because there's too many people to see and too much to get done.

We got permission to see Cinderella Jr. at the middle school in
Poolesville since Dee directed it. Three kids from the ward were in it too. It was sooooo cute! I was so happy. One girl from the ward, Eve, was one of the step sisters and she was hysterical. Cinderella was the smallest girl but the prince was still shorter than her. I loved it. The people in Poolesville are so friendly. They are all talkative and involved. There are about 20 churches in this town with only 5,000 residents. They are all very active in their churches and with their children's schools and service. You can see how it has really made a difference because I've never been in such a friendly small town. People say they don't need religion to be good, which is true, but the friendliest people I've talked to here are people who aren't only part of a religion but really live it and don't think of God only on Sundays. Being religious affects people for the better a lot more than we sometimes realize.

This week is transfers and I'll be in my third transfer and finally
allowed to drive. Sister Johnson is leaving and we're really sad. I've learned so much from her. She feels really attached to this area because she's the one who opened it the transfer before I came. I can't picture myself with anyone else but I know that whoever it is is supposed to be with me and the people here too. It's all inspired. President Cooke prays and prays and rearranges things around until he feels good about where everyone is being transferred to. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and has to change something. I know it's really inspired of God which is comforting. My only concern is that our family history class is starting this Thursday, the day after transfers. I'll have a day to teach my new companion family history but I'll probably end up doing most of the helping and teaching. So that will be fun.

I hope Mason is doing well. I fasted for him on Sunday. Feel free to
ask God for some of my missionary blessings for him. That's probably
not how it works but it's worth a shot.

That was my week. I love hearing from you all and hope you're doing
well. Read Alma 24:14. I just found it today and I love it. God loves us (: thank goodness haha.


Sister Black

Sister Hansen and I graduating from the Visitors Center new sister training. 

At the musical.


Dee on stage at the end of the show.

Last Sunday with Sister Johnson. Dee is so sad :(

Me, Sister Johnson, Sister Britton and son, Brother Britton (ward
mission leader), Elder Raasveld, and Elder Jensen. Elder Raasveld is
being transferred too :(  Their son randomly yelled out "Sister
Black!" during sacrament meeting on Sunday haha.

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