Monday, May 5, 2014

Homesick - Week 14

Dear family,

Mason looks so cute! Oh man I'm so jealous. Why is everyone having
babies when I leave?

We had a zone activity today. We played capture the flag and
volleyball and had a barbecue at a park. It was super fun. Each zone
does an activity once a transfer. It's fun to get out and play and
interact with the other missionaries every once in a while.

Our family history class at the Poolesville library is starting up on
the 15th. We finally got the room reserved so we printed off fliers
and went around to businesses around Poolesville to advertise. It was
weird, we felt like we were trying to start a business.

The rain was crazy on Wednesday. We had tons of flash floods. The road
we usually take to the temple and Visitors Center was literally a
river. It was kind of cool but freaky.

Friday I felt more homesick than I've ever felt on my mission and I
realized that I won't be able to see you guys or hug you for over a
year. The fun thing about being on a mission is that we don't have
time to lay in bed and cry so basically we have a couple minutes in
the bathroom and then we need to pull ourselves together and go out
and teach. It's a bit rough but Sister Johnson was totally
understanding and very nice.

Saturday was crazy. We were at the Visitors Center for shift until
3:30. Then the Velasquez came at 4 and we watched the Joseph Smith
movie and invited Leticia to be baptized which she accepted! Then at 6
we went to a members house for dinner. Right after that we drove to
the Velasquez to see them again. They fed us more food and we taught
their son, Francisco. The next day at church I talked to their 8 year
old daughter, Abby, and she wants to be baptized too. So exciting! At
the end of Saturday night, they fed us cake. Then they sent us home
with left overs. We were so sick and full and grateful that the next
day was fast Sunday. I could tell I was destroying my body as I kept
on eating all the food they gave me. It's so hard with foreigners
because they always want to feed you! It was such good food though.

Last night was fun. We had family home evening at the mission home and
brought Dee Turner. A lot of other missionaries and their
investigators came. We had a lesson and then we played Book of Mormon
charades and had dessert. Dee seemed to really enjoy it. She was
talking to President Cooke and begged him not to transfer Sister
Johnson. He didn't seem too sure, I think he might transfer her :( Dee
was gushing over us to him and also telling him the huge difference
she's seen in me the past two weeks and how I've changed so much from
the scared, unsure missionary I was at the beginning. Sister Johnson
and President Cooke said they've really seen it too. You'll have to
let me know if you see it on Sunday. I feel like I've changed a lot.

I think I pulled my hamstring haha. It's been hurting all week and it
makes running a little uncomfortable. Hopefully I don't do something
else this week.

Oh cool thing happened on Saturday! Elder Robert Thompson, a guy who
graduate from high school with me at Viewmont, came into the Visitors
Center! We stared at each other as he walked in and shook hands and
then I played a movie and testified to his investigators. He's in the
Baltimore mission. It was so nice to see someone from home. Even if I
wasn't really good friends with him.

I hope you're all doing well! Thanks for the love and prayers, it's
working! I pray for you all too! Also, thank you grandma and grandpa
for the cd! We didn't have any CDs in the new car that we were given
after the accident so it was so nice to have music!

Instead of a scripture read this quote I found: “When you can dump a
load of bricks on a corner lot, and let me watch them arrange
themselves into a house--when you can empty a handful of springs and
wheels and screws on my desk, and let me see them gather themselves
into a watch--it will [then] be easier for me to believe that all
these thousands of worlds could have been created, balanced, and set
in motion in their several orbits, all without any designing
intelligence at all.
"Moreover, if there is no intelligence in the universe, then the
universe created something greater than itself--for it created you and
me” (Bruce Barton in E. Ernest Bramwell, comp. Old Testament Lessons
[1934 seminary course], 4).

I've been reading the bible lately and I'm learning so much! Of course
I've known the stories but I've never really read them all through.
It's kind of weird, but it helps to use the seminary student manuals
with it too.

I love you all!!! I'll talk to you on Sunday!

Love, Sister Black

Dee photo bombing at FHE. She said it's her first photo bomb.

Ammon and king Lamoni and the queen from the Book of Mormon passed out
on the floor at FHE.

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