Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday - Week 61


This week was pretty good. Last Monday we taught Brother Wang while
Jia Wei was sick upstairs. We taught him the first half of the Plan of
Salvation and he got it really well. Then on Friday afternoon we met
with Jia Wei and taught her it as well. I've been fasting and praying
that Brother Wang will get another coworker from China can come
quickly to work with him so he can have Sundays off for church. He is
so great.

Tuesday evening we taught the Xia family. We stayed there for longer
than we had planned but it went super well. We re taught them the
second half of the Restoration which could've gone better but was
alright. Then we stayed and talked for a while. Sister Wu talked with
Sister Xia and I chatted with two of her sons who are 10 and 7 which
was really fun. They seemed to enjoy it and now I'm a lot closer with
the sons and we're closer with Sister Xia. She also gave us a tour of
her mansion. Most of the rooms are still empty because they've only
lived there for about six months. They are a cute family, I love them.

We finally got to teach Wendy on Thursday! Sister Liu and I taught her
last time and she is so great. She also lives in a mansion. The lesson
went well and she told us that she would like to get baptized once she
has a testimony that this is true and that she'd like her son to one
day serve a mission. Yay! I also felt very accomplished because during
the lesson she had a question and spent a minute or two voicing it in
Chinese and I was able to follow along and respond and resolve her
concern. It was so cool. Usually I miss key details and so let Sister
Wu answer.

Saturday and Sunday were General Conference! We went and watched both
sessions at the vc on Saturday. During the second session we twice had
a vc sister training leader, Sister Veenker, come and tell us that
there are Chinese people up on the floor. So we went and taught the
first group which was a small family from China who were nice. Then
ten minutes later we went up again to teach four Chinese college
students living here. Two of them were super interested and really
felt the spirit and would've filled out the card to learn more if it
weren't for their other two friends nudging them to not do it. Oh
well, at least the seed is planted. By that point the session was just
about over so we grabbed our stuff and drove to a member's house to
have dinner with her which was really good. Then we went and taught
Ruth which wasn't the best lesson ever but at least we got to meet
with her. She has so many concerns and doesn't always keep

Sunday was Easter! At 9:30am we got a text from a lady in the
Kensington ward inviting us over for an Easter egg hunt. I was super
excited and the whole drive over I was explaining to Sister Wu this
Easter tradition. There were 4 other companionships of missionaries
there. Sister Wu ended up finding the most eggs. Figures. But I was so
happy to get an Easter basket. Then we drove to watch General
Conference with some members in the Chinese branch and our
investigator, Ruth, and her husband came! I watched it in English in a
different room since my Chinese isn't quite that good haha. Then we
all had a potluck lunch. For the afternoon session we watched it at
the vc. I loved General Conference, all of the talks were good but as
usual I had my few favorites. I hope you all watched it as well!

Today we had our zone activity. We all went to the zoo and did a
scavenger hunt which was fun. Then afterwards Sister Wu and I walked
around to see more of it. The zoo was really cool. I'd been wanting to
go my whole mission so now I can cross that off my list! My list is
getting shorter haha.. I've seen just about everything I wanted to.
I'm super burned on my arms now since I forgot that sunburns and
sunscreen is a thing.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and we know through modern-day revelation
that today is the actual birth day of Christ. I found out this week
that in Chinese the word for Easter is 复活节 fu huo jie which literally
means resurrection festival. This is all about Jesus Christ. He is the
light and the life of the world. Without Him, there would be no hope,
no resurrection, no resurrection, no world, and no life. But because
of Him we can have everything. This life right now is really hard.
Like I've been pondering lately how frustrating life is because
there's always bad stuff happening everywhere and tears and
disappointment and no one gets out alive anyway. But this life is a
test and if we endure it well and follow Christ who is our light and
great example, all of our losses will be made up and we will one day
be immortal and glorious and happy and with our families and friends
for eternity. That's so amazing and beautiful! "But there is a
resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of
death is swallowed up in Christ"(
Mosiah 16:8). That scripture is hanging up in my apartment and I love
it. The sting of death and sin and everything bad is swallowed up in
Christ. I love Jesus Christ. Before my mission I really struggled to
understand Christ and His Atonement and I'm still trying to understand
but I have grown to love and understand Him more than I ever have in
my life. He is real. This church isn't about sitting in the pews being
bored while people drone on and apologize for crying and babies
screaming and Cheerios spilling on the floor. It's about the fact that
our Lord and Savior suffered, died, and rose again for us that we may
all live again and inherit all that the Father has. That's incredible.
I hope you will all take time to think about this and if it can be
true and what it can and will mean for you personally. We will all see
Jesus one day whether we want to or not. I'd rather be praising Him
and be caught up to meet Him rather than mourning with all those who
rejected Him, wouldn't you?

I love you all so much! I hope you had a happy Easter and that you
have a great week and re read or re watch General Conference and study
the word of God!

Love, Sister Black

The last pic is with the Xia family (:

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