Monday, March 9, 2015

Snow Ice Cream - Week 57


Hello everyone! This week was very interesting but good.

Tuesday was my last night in Kensington. That morning Sister Busath
and I had breakfast with another sister who's going home and her
companion, Sister Crandall who is a senior sister at the vc, and
Brother Todd who used to do security at the temple and who gave me the
tour of the temple last September when I got to go on the roof. It was
grand. Then we were on shift at VC. That night we checked on people
but no one answered. Super. I also got a blessing from Elder White
that night since I was nervous about going back Chinese.

Wednesday was transfer day. I got my new companion, Sister Wu. She is
from Hong Kong and is a Temple Square sister. I really love her a lot.
She acts more American than Sister Liu did which is really nice haha.
We got our stuff and then went to our new apartment. After we got all
of our things inside, I realized that I didn't have the phone. We
searched my bag, jacket, the car, and then we went back to the VC and
stake center but couldn't find it there either. Great. We ended up
using the VC phone to call people that evening.

The next two days were snow days. We stayed inside all day which was
uber fun. We made snow ice cream.

Saturday was a fun day. That morning we had Gio's baptism! Gio is the
ten year old son of Alba whom we've been teaching for a while. It was
such a cute baptism. The talks and songs and ordinance itself were
great and then he gave the sweetest testimony. Alba was sad that she
herself couldn't be baptized yet but her closing prayer was so
beautiful and heart felt and she talked about how she's happy that Gio
got baptized so he can lead the rest of their family into the church.
Hopefully the baptism touched her boyfriends heart and he can start
progressing more and they can get baptized!

Later that day we had a Chinese meeting at the mission office. Sister
Wu and I and the other four elders in the Chinese branch all got
together and discussed people we are working with and the progress
record and what needs to be done and also future Chinese family
history events. It was a really great meeting. We finally got a new
phones at night when we went home so now we can call people!

Sunday ended up being such a good day. Last time I was in the branch I
didn't like Sundays because I couldn't understand what was being said
so I would just sit there bored and everyone would talk to Sister Liu
and love her and I would just kind of stand there because I didn't
know what they were saying and they knew my Chinese wasn't good so
they would just kind of smile at me. But yesterday at church we had
some investigators come to church which was great. And then during
Sunday school I actually understood most of what was being said! I've
never had that before. And they were talking about sacrifice and
reading from the Bible and I totally got at least 2/3 of it. It was so
cool. Same with relief society. Then we went to branch council which
ended up being super productive and great and I was able to suggest
lots of ideas that they took seriously and are going to use. Then that
night we had a missionary meeting at the stake center for the DC stake
Ward missionaries which was really inspiring.

Tonight we have an appointment with a Chinese family that I met and
taught at the VC who requested to have missionaries visit them. The
elders never visited them because they thought it wasn't in our
mission. But I knew they were in our mission because it is
Poolesville! My very first area! So I get to go back there tonight and
they live on the same street at the Velasquez whom I love and used to
teach all the time. Yay! I'm so excited for that.

Random miracle: we got to our new apartment and found that the bathtub
is clogged and so won't drain. Every time I want to shower I've had to
scoop out the water with a cup into the toilet haha because I haven't
been able to get to the leasing office to ask them to fix it. During
personal study yesterday, I heard a noise coming from the bathroom so
I went in and the bathtub was draining. Now it works fine. Sister Wu
had been praying for it to be fixed and now it is. Cool, right?

I feel so much better today. Yesterday was such a good day and I
really felt the spirit. I love my companion and my investigators and
this language. I decided to mainly focus my language study on reading
the Book of Mormon. Sister Wu and I read it out loud to each other
every day and I can read about 3/4 of it! These last 4 months are
going to be the best and I'm so excited to get out there and teach
these people! Thank you everyone for your love and support and
prayers, they really are working. I can feel them working. You all are

I already shared this scripture before but I'm going to share it again
because I just love it and has really helped me on my mission:
"Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with
you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus
Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am,
and that I am to come"(D&C 68:6). He commands us to be of good cheer.
He lets us know that He's with us. We are to bear record of Him. (:


Sister Black

Snow ice cream
Me and Alba (:
Sisters Lewis, Mateaki, Sundwall, and I with Gio's family at his baptism!

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