Monday, February 16, 2015

Hot, Sticky Syrup - Week 55

Dear family,

This week was really interesting and memorable.

Last Tuesday was had zone training and Sister Busath and I gave a
workshop on extending sincere baptismal invitations. The secret is to
not blink so that you end up tearing up. Just kidding. We then had a
training from Salt Lake at the VC. The new VC director, Elder Fowler,
was a mission president and is an emeritus member of the Seventy so
he's very down to business on missionary work at the VC. I love it.

Wednesday we had shift at the VC and then just checked on people all
night. A returning member family answered the door when we visited and
the mom let us in and she talked to us for an hour and a half. We
barely got any words in. She was super nice though and it was freezing
outside so we were glad to be out of the cold.

Thursday was funny. That morning we were at the VC and we did chats for an hour and a half. We chatted with people from
England, Slovenia, and Canada. Later as we headed down for lunch, one
of the senior couples, Sister Gillespie, gave us some frozen waffles
that were in the senior couples' kitchen. We went down to the sisters
lounge and I decided that waffles sounded better then the rice cakes I
brought. I popped a couple in the toaster and then went to see if
there was any syrup in the fridge. There was a bottle with a little
bit left so I got it out and put it in the microwave to warm it up and
help the syrup come out easier. Instead of putting it in for 10
seconds, I accidentally put it in for a minute. 37 seconds in I
realized my mistake and I quickly opened up the microwave door. The
bottle had inflated a bit and the syrup inside was boiling and it was
making a high pitched noise. Alarmed, I quickly closed the microwave
and backed away. Five seconds later there was a
"pppeeeeeeeefffff...BOOM." Sister Lewis and another sister, Sister
Wathen, all jumped in alarm and freaked out as Sister Busath and I
busted up laughing. I opened up the microwave to find that the cap of
the bottle had blown off and the walls and ceiling and floor of the
microwave was covered in hot, sticky syrup. I spent the rest of lunch
cleaning it up. It was really funny. For a couple days after, sisters
that didn't know would open up the microwave and ask why it smelled
like syrup.

To make that day better, as soon as lunch was over I went upstairs
with Sister Busath and Sister Lewis. As we came up stairs, we saw that
the Coach from Meet the Mormons and his wife were there! He's the head
coach of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. We kind of stared
in awe and then I ran to the bathroom to wash my hands since they were
still sticky and syrupy. Right before they left, Sisters Lewis and
Wathen asked if they could get a picture with them and I took it. Then
another two sisters asked for a picture and I took it. Then Elder and
Sister Gillespie wanted a picture so I took it. Then a random member
came inside and saw them and wanted a picture so I took it. By the
time all the pictures were taken, I didn't want to be annoying and ask
for one so I didn't even get one haha. But I got to talk to them a bit
and his wife was super nice and told me she really liked my necklace
(the Liahona that Hannah gave to me) and the coach shook my hand so it
was fine.

On Friday we had training meeting at the VC. So to get from the k
house to the VC, you need to turn left but there's a sign that says no
turning left during certain hours which is dumb so we always have to
drive to the next intersection, do a U turn, and then come back and
turn right. The senior couples usually ignore that rule. On the way to
training, we drove past one of the senior couples, the Crandalls, who
got pulled over. We were all laughing about it at training meeting. We
also found out during training meeting that Elder and Sister White who
are supposed to leave in July are extending their mission until
December which is when their son gets home from his mission in Ghana.
Everyone is super excited. It doesn't affect me because I'll be gone
by then but I'm still super happy they are staying.

After shift that day we had interviews with President Cooke. I'm for
sure going back to Chinese next transfer! So like in 2 1/2 weeks. It's
going to be hard but this time I know what I'm doing and my Chinese is
a lot better and I'm ready to get to work. It's been nice being
English again so I'm bracing myself for it to get hard again haha.
It's ok, I can do it!

Saturday was Valentine's Day! Last Valentine's Day I was at the MTC
and thought it was weird. This Valentine's Day was very weird. But in
a good way. That morning we were on shift at the VC. We were only
there for an hour and then we went with the VC trainers, Sister Lewis
and Sister Chapman, to a funeral in Potomac. It was for a man named
Chris Brewer. For 30 years he dressed up as Santa Claus and greeted
people at the VC during Festival of Lights. He had kidney cancer and
so wasn't able to do it the last couple of years and then he died on
Sunday the 8th. They asked to have some sisters come to represent the
VC and sing for him. So we went and sang "O My Father." It was a
really beautiful service. He's a convert so there were lots of non
member family and friends there which was nice. Pouring the reception
after, they had his 100+ books on Abraham, the Civil War, and church
doctrine out for everyone to go through and take which was really
cool. When I die, I want people to take my books. I took a couples on
the bible since I've been fascinated with it lately. If I wasn't a
missionary then I would've grabbed one about Abraham Lincoln.

After shift at 4, we visited Sister Bean. Just to refresh your memory,
she's the one with the iguana that roams her apartment and also the
bearded dragons who roam as well. She also has a cat and a tarantula.
The tarantula is caged, thank goodness. We spent an hour with her and
another member, Veda (from Jamaica mon), searching her entire
apartment with flashlights because her two bearded dragons have been
missing for weeks. We unfortunately had no luck. I wish we would've
found them but I was also nervous that I would be the one to find them
haha. After, she ordered pizza for us which was sweet.

After that, it started snowing and then our next appointment
cancelled. We then got a call out from the assistants to President
Cooke that we all need to go inside because of the snow. We went
inside at 7:15 and spent the next two hours finishing up weekly

The next day, we were told not to leave the house except to go to
church if it wasn't cancelled. Even then we could only attend
sacrament meeting then go straight home. So we did studies in the
morning, went to an hour of church, then came home. We spent over an
hour updating referrals online at the Gillespie's apartment so we
could use their wifi while she made cookies for us. Then at 4, the
eight sisters that live in the k house all went to the Crandall's and
we had soup and salad and brownies. After that, we checked on a couple
potential investigators who live in our building. Then the eight of us
all migrated up to the Whites' and had a gospel discussion for an hour
which was fun. I learned some pretty cool things.

And that was my crazy week. Happy Valentine's Day! And thank you
Grandma and Grandpa and Mom for the package!

"Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.
Every moment, thank God."

That was printed on the back of Chris Brewer's program.


Sister Black

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