Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me - Week 38


Thank you so much for all of the birthday gifts! I really appreciated
them a lot. I took a lot of pictures for my birthday but they're all
on my camera so you can see them sometime later since I don't
currently have a way to get my pictures off.

On my birthday I woke up and made cupcakes courtesy of Amanda and then
we did studies for three hours as usual. I bought pineapple last P day
for my birthday which was delightful so I had that for lunch and
French toast. I felt weird and didn't know what to do so I took some
pictures. After lunch we finished weekly planning from the day before
then we went and did blogging and Facebook for an hour. Then we went
to the mall and got Panda Express. Sister Liu thought it was hilarious
when I told the lady I wanted "chow mein." In Chinese it's "chao
mian." So that was yummy. That night we didn't have any appointments
so we went and knocked doors for 2 1/2 hours. We have a creepy book
that tells us where all the Chinese people live here. Then we went
home and lit a candle on a cupcake then I had some hot cocoa since it
was cold outside. And yeah. That was my birthday (:

This week we taught Zhang LiYing again. She has the baptist friend and
is upset over the Book of Mormon. We were going to drop her but we
decided to try teaching her one more time and I came up with a plan.
She can't read or write Chinese which is a problem when it comes to
her reading the scriptures. We planned a lesson for her where we first
told her we were going to talk about Jesus. We prepared the scriptures
that we needed on my iPad so we wouldn't read out of actual books. We
read some scriptures in the New Testament about His birth, baptism,
teachings, and miracles. We next showed her a bible video in Chinese.
Then we told her we wanted to read one more scripture. I pulled out 3
Nephi 11 on my iPad and we read it to her. She really liked it and
seemed to understand. After we finished reading it and discussed it a
bit, we told her that that was the Book of Mormon. (: Then we all
knelt down and she prayed to know if it was true. We all felt the
spirit but she took it to mean that God heard her prayer and not as an
answer. But now she's not as scared of the Book of Mormon and we have
a return appointment. (: (: (:

Why I Believe was at the VC last night and it was so good. The
speakers were a his band and wife who were baptized last year and they
were both ordained Protestant pastors. It was so so good. You can tell
they used to be pastors. Some weeks I'm falling asleep but this was so
great. Everyone loved it. It's cool to hear their conversion stories.
Also, at Why I Believe they start with 3 testimonies from recent
converts then they have all the recent converts stand and introduce
themselves before the main speakers. Meredith came and stood and was
able to tell everyone she was baptized last month. (': I love her. I'm
so proud of her.

Today we had our transferly zone activity. Our whole zone went to the
national mall for the sunrise and then a breakfast. After that we did
The Amazing Race which was so fun. We ran all over the mall to
different monuments and statues to take pictures and whatnot for the
challenges. It was tiring but I really enjoyed myself. And it was so
nice to talk to all of the missionaries I'm friends with. Then Sister
Liu and I joined Sister Lewis and 4 other sisters to go to a museum.
It's the National Museum of American History which I went to a few
months ago but it was fun to go again and I wanted to be around the
other sisters since we are all really close and I don't see them very
much anymore.

Love you all, you're awesome. Thanks so much for all the love and
support, it means a lot.

Ether 12:6



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