Monday, July 14, 2014

A Mormon Without Horns - Week 24

Dear family,

This week was grand.  We taught a lot of people and put two on baptism
date. We also were able to teach 7 less active or new convert lessons
which is more than we usually do in two weeks so that was good.

I started a new blog. You can find it at I wasn't sure how appropriate the
name is but it's original and eye catching and will get more peoples
attention than "Charity Never Faileth" or "Come Unto Me." It's gonna
have some good stuff on there. So go read it!

One of our investigators finally came to church yesterday! I was at
one of the doors passing out programs but as soon as he and his two
kids came in I abandoned the programs and ran to their side and showed
them their nice seat up front before they knew what was happening.
Sister Lewis and I were dying, we (she) have been teaching them for
months now. Also, I hate it when we have lessons on eternal marriage
in relief society because the women just complain about how hard it is
to be married and laugh about their stupid husbands but say it's worth
it because at least it's eternal. Way to get me excited.. is marriage
really that bad?

Last night a girl named Amber brought her friend to the Visitors
Center for a lesson. Amber is 18 and is waiting for her mission call.
Before we met them there Amber texted us and asked if we could bring
her friend food since she hasn't eaten and is hungry. So we ran to our
apartment and microwaved some top ramen and she ate it outside the vc
while we talked to her about the gospel. Now she's our new
investigator and we have a return appointment.

I taught a Chinese woman at the vc yesterday. I only said a few things
in Chinese to her. I don't like to let Chinese people know how much I
actually know because then they'll start talking to me in fast Chinese
then I get nervous and freak out and don't catch anything they say. I
speak a lot better than I hear.

One of our investigators (now a "former") fulfilled a prophesy at our
lesson this week. We've been teaching her for a while but won't do
anything unless God tells her to and doesn't understand the concept of
faith or receiving a witness only after the trial of our faith. She
basically quoted 2 Nephi 29 and held her Bible up in the air above her
head and said, "I have a Bible and I don't need anything else!" I love
God's retort in that chapter in the  Book of Mormon to people who say
that. He basically calls them fools and then pretty much says, "I'm
the God of the whole universe and you're trying to confine my power
and love to Jerusalem? I created all men and I bring my word forth to
all men, not just those in Jerusalem." You tell them. We're not
teaching her anymore since she's not keeping commitments.

Sister Lewis and I were talking about how it's days like those when we
miss being at BYU where everyone shares our beliefs and no one is
trying to Bible bash us. It's frustrating sometimes to teach these
people. We teach others our beliefs and invite them to then read and
pray to ask God and find out for themselves. The ones who read, pray,
and go to church are the ones who receive an answer but those who
don't do one or more of those things never do. We're not here to
convince people, we're here to teach and to invite them to do those
things to receive an answer. I don't get why some people just
absolutely refuse to even open the book. If someone  gave me a free
book, regardless of if it's the Qur'an or Dante's Inferno or Harry
Potter, I'd read it and not be so close-minded. But that's just me.

We went to the temple on Friday and I finished doing the work for 5 of
my ancestors (except for sealings). I've never done my ancestors work
let alone do it all the way through so it was way cool.

More online proselyting problems. This guy added me. I don't know
where he's from but he's Hispanic and his English is pretty funny.
I've been trying to teach him the gospel and every day he's been
progressively telling me more and more that I'm an angel and pretty
and that he loves me. Finally one day this past week I got on, and he
had sent me a couple pictures:

I started laughing super hard when I saw it. I told him I don't think
I'm the right person to be teaching him and asked if I could send
missionaries. He just keeps saying he loves me so I'll be deleting him
shortly. First a Nigerian asks me to marry him now this haha.

Not much else happened this week. The train outside our apartment
comes and blows its whistle while I'm sleeping every night. I got a
slushi maker for $6. I never knew I needed it until I bought it. It's
amazing. I also found a "From Cumorah's Hill" cd for 99 cents at a
church store. I've been playing it over and over again in the car and
annoying Sister Lewis. Also, Sister Lewis is the easiest companion
I've had so far. I love her.

That was my week! Read Galatians 5:22-23. It talks about fruits of the
spirit. If you feel that while reading the scriptures, praying, going
to church, doing service, being with family, etc. then that's the Holy
Ghost you're feeling. (:

I love you all!

Love, Sister Black

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