Monday, April 21, 2014

Marriage Proposal - Week 12

Dear family,

This past weekend has been really great. The week was good too, but I
was exceptionally happy Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Thursday was fun
because we got to feed apples to a ward member's horses.

Friday was the best day of my mission. The whole day I was in such a
good mood before the miracles started. We drove to a random less
active person's house to get to know them and teach them. They weren't
home so we got in the car to drive away. I saw a guy standing outside
a car and talking to the lady inside. We're supposed to talk to
everyone but I got scared and decided not to talk to him which is bad
of me but it happened. Sister Johnson was feeling scared too but then
she remembered how she had promised herself she would talk to everyone
so we got out of the car and talked to them. They were super nice and
interested and we have a return appointment for tomorrow! After that
we were so happy and determined to talk to everyone like we're
supposed to.

We visited the next less active on our list and they weren't there
either. We saw a man carrying in groceries so we talked to him and
gave him a Book of Mormon pass along card. He wasn't super interested
but he thanked us.

Sister Johnson got in the car to leave and turned on the engine but I
saw a few men down the street talking. The same fear came back but I
was determined to talk to them. So I knocked on Sister Johnson's door
and told her to turn off the car because there's someone else we need
to talk to. We awkwardly walked towards them and said hi and gave them
a Book of Mormon pass along card. They were so nice and very religious
themselves. We talked for 20 minutes, testified of Christ, and showed
them the "Because of Him" video. One of them sang their favorite
religious song to us and asked if we could stay in contact. So now
we're Facebook friends and hopefully we can meet with them again. One
of them said he's seen other people approached by missionaries but he
never has been approached himself so he was very happy. Also when we
said goodbye he hugged us which was awkward for Sister Johnson and I
but we did it haha and he and his friends are nice.

We had an appointment at 8 and when we were walking into the apartment
building we met three 15 year olds. We talked for a couple minutes and got
their phone numbers and invited them to basketball with the elders.
Such a solid street contacting night!

Our appointment at 8 was so good. It was with Laura. She is an atheist
and I think I talked about her in my last email. Anyway we asked if we
could share a message about our church with he so we taught her about
God and how he's our loving Heavenly Father and how we can pray to Him
and have a relationship with Him. We also taught her about Jesus
Christ and showed her the "Because of Him" video. It was a really good
lesson and I feel like it's one if the best I've ever taught. By the
end we got her to give a kneeling prayer. So cool!

Visitors Center on Saturday was fun. Two Germans came in and said
we're Christians with a twist haha. We're actually not Christians.
Like dead serious. We're Christians in the sense that we believe in
Christ, but we're not the definition of a Christian because 1. We
aren't Protestants or reformers and 2. Dictionary Christians believe
that we'll always be below God but Mormons believe that we will one
day be like God. Fun fact of the day.

That night the Mormon Choir of Washington, D.C. Performed at the
Visitors Center. Ashley Barney, who is 18 and us submitting her
mission papers and is the middle one in the picture of Sister Johnson
and I with our Easter baskets, took Tina to see it. L. Tom Perry came
as well and spoke to us at the beginning of the performance which was
really cool. The choir was beautiful. My favorite song was "Cross
Cry." Can someone (mom) find a video of a choir singing it and post it
on Facebook so I can listen to it again? It was really really good!

Easter Sunday was great. It was weird waking up without an Easter
basket. I haven't gotten the package yet mom. They bring by the mail
at the mission office a couple times a week and they hadn't brought it
by when I was at the Visitors Center on Saturday. It's probably here
but I haven't seen it yet :( Church was great, we had 4 investigators
there. They had each of the full time missionaries in the ward get
bare a 3 minute testimony on the Savior's resurrection. Dee gave
Sister Johnson and an Easter present (:

We went to the Barney's for dinner. It was really nice and fun. We
painted our nails with Ashley as we waited for dinner to be ready.
After dinner they gave us each an Easter basket which was super nice
of them.

Dee invited us to her house after dinner and we got to meet her
husband and extended family. It was really nice and fun. Made me miss
Easter with family at home.

I've discovered the danger of adding random people on Facebook. A
couple people added me after I posted #BecauseofHim on a couple
Facebook "Jesus" pages. One of them messages me and asked if I would
marry him and that he's been praying to find a girl like me. I
politely told him that I'm a missionary so I'm not dating at the
moment but I'd love to teach him make about Jesus Christ. So we
discussed Christ and I tried to teach him about the gospel without
much success. Over the week he kept on messaging me asking about me
and my family and saying he thanks God for me and asked if I'll have
him to be my husband. Oh, he's from Nigeria. I finally messaged him
back and said sorry I can't be your wife and my only purpose is to
teach others about Jesus Christ and His gospel. Then I deleted him. I
can't believe I had to in all seriousness tell someone I can't marry
them. So now I'm creeped out. I'm sure he was a good guy but it was
weird and I'm going to be more careful and I'm going to delete the
link to the blog off of Facebook so he and others can't find it.

Sister Johnson cut her hair today. She cut off 12 inches and it looks
so good! I love short hair, I think it's so cute. Her family is
freaking out though. Most boys like long straight hair and I have
short curly hair. That's why I'm on a mission instead of dating haha.

I met an elder in the mission who also wants to major in animation at
BYU and we'll be applying at the same time in 2 years. We talked for
15 minutes about it and showed each other pictures of our art work
from Facebook. It was soooooo nice to talk to him. I love talking

I hope you all had a great Easter!! Read D&C 88:67. Also everyone
study Preach My Gospel as a family! M. Russell Ballard said so (:

Love, Sister Black

P.S. Dad I got my first "black? But you're white!" from a foreigner (:

Dee and her daughter, Katie. Katie is a member and Dee will be soon!

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