Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Orange Dork Dots - Week 1

Dear Mom and family,

I miss you all so much!

OK so I've officially been in the MTC for a week now!  We were one of the lucky districts that didn't get a P day until today so we had to wait a whole week!  Life is so hard.  

First off, I'd like to say that the first day at the MTC wasn't bad at all.  The next couple of days were.  So on the first day when I was waving goodbye and turned the corner, my host led me to a building.  She took my luggage and told me to go inside and go up to the ladies.  The ladies directed me and the other missionaries down a hall where we met more ladies who directed us to more ladies inside of a room.  Lot of ladies.  There I went up to someone who gave me an envelope with lots of goodies inside like a name tag and MTC ID card.  Next I went to another lady in the same room who made sure that I've been set apart and been to the temple then she put my name tag on me.  She told me it goes right over my heart so I'll remember to put my heart into missionary service or something.  It's a magnetic name tag which is really nice.  I also have one that's a pin.  They then activated my MTC ID card and sent me outside.  I found my host who was struggling to move all my luggage and then she took me to my room.  I dropped off my stuff, put my scriptures, PMG, and notebook in my bag and then she led me to my class.  Right when they got there I had to go to the computer lab and do an orientation which basically spent 10 minutes teaching me about gym time and making me feel depressed because the video was taken during the summer and it looked so nice and warm.. oh well.  
Then I went back to the room and met my companion!  Her name is Sister Wog (woah-g) and she's from Oklahoma going to Temple Square.  There are 4 other sisters in addition to us in our district.  Sister Orndal (urn-doll said in a British accent) from England and Sister Fiso (fee-so said in an Australian accent) from Australia. Then there's Sister Lytle (lie-tle) from St.George and Sister Galgiani (gal gee ah nee) from California.  I don't know why they all have weird names.  Anyway they're all going to Temple Square except for me so multiple times a day people will ask "where are you sisters going?" and they all say "Temple Square!" and then I pipe up "but I'm going to DC!"  Sometimes I don't even bother.  I'm the black sheep.  So yes we are an all sister district. That doesn't happen very much but it did.  In my zone there's just another district with 5 elders all going to North Carolina and we should be getting like 12 new missionaries in our zone today.  So there are 4 districts in our zone.  

The first day we went to a light meeting first where they welcomed us.  We also went next to three different rooms with about 30 of us in each room and a fake investigator at the front with a microphone.  We all took turns raising our hands and trying to teach them together and address their needs.  It was interesting.  For the first day or two they were really pounding into our heads that we need to listen to what they're saying and teach them based on their needs and it's all about what they need to hear.  We would listen to people talk and then analyze them (like Sherlock) and then decide from there what they need to hear.  Oh also, on the first day EVERYONE we passed said "Welcome to the MTC!" because we were wearing the orange dork dots on our name tag.  It was nice but got old.  Every time someone passed us I would say to Sister Wog "I don't feel welcome here yet" and then sure enough the missionaries would welcome us to the MTC.  It was so thoughtful.  I saw Hillary Nielsen at the book store so that was nice.  It was hard calling everyone Sister or Elder at first instead of saying "guys" or like Sister Wog "y'all" but we're getting used to it.  The first night I said "duuuude" to Sister Orndal then I paused and said, "wait no.. Siiiiisssterrr."  It was funny.  I promise.

I enjoy exercise time a lot.  Even though today is P day, the 11 missionaries in my zone went and played volleyball at 6:45 since we had to be up at 6:30 anyway.  It was so fun.  Also, I have a thing for diving for the ball which I know is against the rules but sometimes I don't think and just go for it.  I have two massive bruises on both knees and a scab on one knee that started bleeding today after another (successful) dive to the floor.  I love volleyball.

Speaking of volleyball, my companion injured herself on Friday.  We were playing volleyball and all of a sudden she started crying.  We went to medical and had to then go to the health clinic and she had torn her muscle.  Ouch.  So she was in a sling.  I felt bad and it gave me an opportunity to serve her as well.  She's doing much better today, no sling!  

I'm getting used to not having a phone.  But a couple days ago our teacher, Brother Nottingham's, phone started buzzing and all six of us looked around frantically for a phone.  Sometimes we catch ourselves checking our pockets haha.

Thursday was a good day but so long.  I was dying I thought it would never end.  And then Friday was really bad.  It was long, Sister Wog hurt herself, we were late to everything, I spilled juice on my hand and then had to shake an Elder's hand who I knew which was gross, I was super tired and falling asleep in class, the Spirit was gone the whole day, and I just wasn't happy.  Also, learning experience for the Elders.  So Sister Wog asked two Elders if they would give her a Priesthood blessing for her arm on Friday.  One of the Elders, Elder Lete (luh tay) started going on about how she had to choose who she wants and blah blah blah and didn't say yes.  Sister Wog got pretty offended at that and me and two other Sisters were like "what??"  So during dinner, I decided to go give Elder Lete a talk.  Sister Wog didn't want me to but I told her it's better one man perish than a whole nation dwindle and perish in unbelief.  So I went up to him as he got up to leave and let him know that he hurt Sister Wog's feelings and that next time someone asks for a blessing, just say yes.  I know it was a misunderstanding but I didn't want him to do it to someone else on his mission and offend them.  Also, Elder Lete is a bit strange.  Everyone agrees so he needed to know that he was wrong.  Yes I was nice when I talked to him.  

The next day, Elder Powell and Elder Coons gave Sister Wog a blessing while the three other Elders in their district, Elders Allen, Gardner, and Kiddle, stood in the circle.  It was so powerful. The next morning her arm didn't really hurt anymore.  AMAZING.

In the MTC we do a lot of role playing.  We've been teaching our teachers, Brother Nottingham and Brother Sanders, as they pretend to be real investigators and it feels so real.  We prepare lessons and invite them to be baptized.  Some go better than others.  One with Brother Nottingham Sister Wog and I came out hitting our heads on our scriptures.  It was so bad.  But we're doing well.  We also had our first TRC yesterday which is where someone from outside the MTC comes in the be taught.  About 15% of them aren't members so we don't know.  It went really well.  Actually our first one was on Monday but she didn't show up :(  Sad day.  We were so pumped too.

The food's decent.  It's a lot and I might be getting fat.  Good thing I exercise every day.  The food is like a step above school lunch.  Yesterday Sister Wog and I got a meal, took a bite, and almost choked because it was so weird tasting so we put our plates down and got something else.  I have pineapple at almost every meal so I'm extremely happy about that.  

We've been getting along with our district and the Elders in our zone so well.  I love them all.

Yesterday, Sister Wog and I had a bit of a bump.  I understand she's having a bad week with her arm but this hasn't been easy for me either.  Also she's a convert of only a couple years so she doesn't know as much as me.  I've told her over and over that I'm here to help her and that we're here to learn and that she knows enough.  Well we were practicing teaching each other about the Book of Mormon.  It was her turn to teach me and I asked her a question and she said yes when it was a no so I just lightly said "that was a no by the way, but carry on!" and she got upset and threw the Book of Mormon down and refused to try.  I kept on telling her she was great and not to give up but she wouldn't listen.  This wasn't the first time it happened, whenever she gets frustrated she just gives up and gets all mad.  All my frustrations will her boiled up and I just left the room to go have a cry in the bathroom.  Sisters Orndal and Fiso came in the talk to me to make me feel better then I talked to a couple teachers about it.  Finally I went and talked to Sister Wog.  We talked it over and she apologized and promised to do better and not to give up.  We talked more about how we can help each other and be a better companionship.  45 minutes later, we taught the best lesson ever to a girl named Sarah.  We've never worked so well together.  Honestly ever since that, we've been even closer together.  It feels good.  I've heard everyone has a freak out with at least one companion, for me it happened to be my first.  No big deal. (:

So far I love being a missionary.  Waking up at 6:30 is hard but not too bad.  I love teaching.  I love my district and zone and companion.  Being a missionary is the best decision of my life.  I'm so excited to get out in the field!  I won't be leaving until February 18th because after this week we have a week of training at Temple Square which will be fun.

Also, I've seen lots of missionaries I know like Elders Hayden Dorrance, Brandon Wardell, Jason Anderson, Mike Evans, Ian Jensen, and then Sisters Sabra Giles, Chelsie Crazchek, and Eliza Westergard.  Also one of my teachers, Sister Knowlton, is the older sister of a guy I know, Zack Beckstrand, who leaves to Ireland/Scotland on his mission in a couple weeks.  It's been fun and weird seeing all of them in this new world.

Send me Dear Elder letters!  They're free!  Some missionaries get so much mail every day and I'd like some every now and then.  You just go to the website and need to know
 Sister Celeste Shannon Black
FEB18 Washington DC North
2009 N 900 E Unit 169
Provo, UT 84602

The days are a lot shorter and easier now.  I love what I'm learning.  It's incredible, I feel like I've grown so much.  Now I get to go welcome the new missionaries to the MTC.

K I think that's it.  Love you all!!!

Love, Sister Black


The blond is Sister Lytle and her companion is Sister Galgiani.  The polynesian is Sister Fiso and her companion is Sister Orndal.


  1. This post is fun for me to read. My daughter is a Temple Square missionary. The TSQ sisters go outbound for two to three transfers to any mission in the USA. My daughter is presently on outbound from TS and assigned to DC North.

    It is fun to see all the sisters going to Temple Square next transfer. Our daughters will meet the day after she touches down in DC as my daughter is training the new ASL sisters that are in the same travel group as Sister Black.

    Look fwd to following more of her adventures!

  2. I love reading your writing! You always make me laugh! Just this week I was wondering if they still had dork dots at the MTC. I was at work and saw a dot that had been put on an IV pump, and I thought, "Look! A dork dot!" Greg put his dork dot on the back of his name tag and still has it today. I'm very proud of you!

  3. So cool! What a cute girl!