Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Missionary Pictures

I leave for my mission two weeks from today.  Yikes.  In exactly 14 days or 336 hours (yes I did just use my computer's calculator), I will be driving with my family to the Provo MTC.  I'm so excited yet so nervous.  The two emotions are cancelling each other out so now I just feel weird and buzzy.  Like a busy bee who isn't busy yet and still struggles waking up before 10am (I woke up at 9:50am today; making progress!).

I'm just about done with preparing for my mission.  My mom forced me to get my immunizations last Saturday which I wasn't happy about.  I was all for arriving at the MTC and taking my chances but Mom likes to be all logical and do what we're told to do.  I have all of my clothes except for an ugly pair of gauchos that's on its way here from Amazon.  I need them just in case I'm in a bike riding area.  I really hope I'm not just so I won't have to wear those terrible things.  But I will sacrifice for my mission!  For music, I found a cheaper iPod shuffle on Amazon (Amazon and I are bffs) that's ORANGE, my favorite color, and I just got a portable speaker in the mail from Bed, Bath, and Beyond thanks to a $25 gift card my aunt had given me for graduation back in August.  I accidentally lost the gift card and didn't find it until last week haha.  The Lord has great timing.  Thanks, Aunt Suzy!  I have my luggage, books, family pictures, clothes, shoes, jewelry, and testimony I need for my mission.  Oh by the way, I finished the Book of Mormon for the third time in my life Saturday night so I've been in a really good, spiritual mood the past few days.  It's been delightful, I can't wait to feel this happy and spiritual 24/7 for 18 months!

The main reason I started writing this post was because I wanted to show off my missionary pictures.. haha.  I don't really like the cutesy missionary pictures with the missionary holding out the Book of Mormon or wrapped in a flag or sitting on luggage.  People accused me of being a terrible person on facebook and asking what kind of person I must be when I tried to express that I'm just not a fan of those pictures.  Well if I'm a horrible person for disliking cheesy pictures, I'm sure me and a ton of other people must be downright despicable.  So for my mission pictures they were just basic - me in a dress by some pretty trees and snow.  I probably wouldn't have gotten mission pictures except I wasn't a fan of my senior pictures.  My photographer did a great job, but I had braces and I looked awkward in some of them.  Like this one:

And this

Eew and this

Okay maybe these aren't the worst in the world, but I wanted some where I didn't have braces and I wouldn't look so young and awkward.

So without further ado, these are some of my favorite mission pictures that I just got back yesterday.  They were taken at Sugarhouse Park.

Wow I love posting on here.  I used to blog every week for like three years during junior high and I've forgotten how fun it is!  Anyway, I think it's crazy how much older I look.  It helps that four days before these were taken I got my braces off and my hair cut and dyed.  I look ready to go preach the gospel to all the world!!!  Well or just DC, but people come from all over the world go to DC so same thing!   

Alright, thanks for reading!  


Sister Celeste Shannon Black

P.S. My photographer was go check out her awesome work! (:

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  1. GREAT blog Sister Black. My DD is presently serving in the DC North mission. She is Temple Square ASL sister and part of their mission they go out bound. She was assigned to the DC North mission of three transfers and will return to the square mid May. She will have completed one by the time you get there. Her name is Sister Bascom and you can stalk her blog @ When you see her give her a hug from her momma. BTW her middle name is Celeste.